In a large multiple table setting:

Have a designated person from each table, leave the room (could be the

Queen Mother).

Set-up chairs (preferable on the stage or dance floor) to accommodate the

people who left the room.

Remove one item from each person’s table. (Suggested items are the center

piece, a napkin, a place setting, but don’t make it too obvious)

One person at a time is led back into the room.

This person is instructed to walk over to her table and then asked “What

item is missing from your table?” (no hints)

If she guesses right she takes a seat on the stage and is awarded a special


If she guesses wrong… she takes a seat on the stage and is awarded a

special dunce hat (that’s easily constructed from white card stock paper) or

great big glasses…or any kind of booby prize.

Gets a lot of laughs!

The Quest For The Perfect Person

Read this list to your party goers. If any of these statements pertain to

any party guest, the person must stand and remain standing.

The person or persons, who are not standing are the winners, designated

The Perfect Person. (If there is more than one winner…draw for a prize).

1. Called your significant other (by mistake) by the wrong name?

2. Lost a member of the family in the shopping mall?

3. Locked the keys in your car?

4. Turned white colors pink (or another color) in the wash?

5. Let your bath water over flow?

6. Forgotten to wear deodorant… all day?

7. Had your zipper break in public?

8. Gone somewhere with two different socks on?

9. Fallen up the stairs?

10. Forgotten your home phone number?

11. Got into the car to go somewhere and forgot where you were


12. Put something in the oven to bake and forgot about it?

13. Forgot to pick up your kids after school?

14. Ran out of gas?

15. Lied about your age?


Get 5 separate recipes that are on cards (or copy them on file cards). Cover

the name of the recipe or leave it off the card. Place the cards in a bag and

have people draw recipes from the bag. Have them guess the name of the

dish from reading the recipe only. (If you have time you can bake or cook

the dishes from the recipes and have the people guess, “what’s in the dish”

by tasting the prepared food.)


1. Write down the names of various barnyard animals on a paper. (pig, cow,

sheep, duck, geese, horse, cat, dog, turkey, bird)

2. Place them in a jar or a bag.

3. Have each Queen Mother or a designated person at each table draw a

paper representing a barnyard animal.

4. Have each person audition for the best chosen animal sound…to

represent their table.

5. Bring all the table representatives to the front and have them compete

with each other for best animal sound.

6. The audience can be the judge by applause only. (Ask the audience to

clap only for the best person who sounded most like the animal they

portrayed. Then hold your hand above the contestant’s head.)

Lots of giggles during this game!


Number 5 Styrofoam cups (1-5). Underneath each cup place a small item.

Have your guests as individuals or by tables write down what they think is

under each cup. (You can give them a hint by saying “Red Hatter’s Items” or

common household items or things found in an office…etc.

The person or group that gets the most items correct and in order (under

cup #1 is a pin) wins the big prize.

Red Hat Bingo

Make bingo cards with fun red hat personal items written in the
squares. (Examples: a red and purple scarf, a purple boa, red
shoes)  Make each card different. 

Hand out the cards to each guest
(if you have a small audience) or one card per table
(if you have a large group). 

Make sure you have something to cover the spaces with like poker chips or bottle caps. 

Designate an Official Bingo Caller.

List each item that appears on the cards on small strips of paper (or on ping-pong balls). Place the items in a large jar or small box. Draw a paper (or ping-pong ball) and announce the drawn item.

If the person has the item called listed on their Red Hat Bingo
Card and is also wearing the item or has it on her person or in her possession, then that person can mark the space.
(Regular Bingo rules apply) 

The person who fills-in the squares diagonally, four corners or
full card...whichever game you decide to play...Yells "Red Hat
Bingo", then they must also stand up and show the items that were called-out on their Bingo Card.

The Official Bingo Caller declares, "We have a good Red Hat Bingo". 
That person or table of people wins a door prize.
This is loads of fun!