In order to have a successful event, it’s up to you, the host, to make sure that the decorations, food, prizes, background music, entertainment and games all match the occasion. Taking the time to pre-plan your event…will result in a great event.
Red Hatter Helpful Party Tips:

Every Party Needs A Planner

In order to have a successful party your best bet is to designate one

person as the Ultimate Party Planner…the Party Chair.

This person can delegate who will be responsible for carrying on

various activities such as:

1. The invitation committee (also responsible for posters & party


2. Ticket sales committee.

3. A committee or a person to plan the food menu.

4. A committee or a person to plan the games & activities.

5. The entertainment committee (finds the headline entertainment).

6. The gift (prize) gathering committee.

7. The program committee.

8. The decorating committee.

9. The overall Master of Ceremony (MC).

10. A person to conduct the games and the activities.

11. The welcoming committee / greeters.

12. The clean-up committee.

Theme parties are always the “most fun”! Get your group together and brain storm.

Make a list from 1- 10 and ask the members of your group to give you ideas about the “best” theme parties that they had ever


attended. Don’t be shy about suggestions…and don’t make fun of any new ideas. You never know which idea will stick.












Then vote for the best theme.

If there is a tie, place the (tied) suggestions in a hat and draw-out the

winning party theme. This way chance plays a part in the selection


Make sure that everyone in your group gets to participate in some fashion.

This will strengthen group unity and promote closer friendships.

Your attitude plays a big part when it comes to having a successful party.

If you’re stressed…feeling sad…upset…moody…or you are physically ill…this

will affect the success or failure of the event.

As an entertainer, I put on my “show time” face and think the most

positive thoughts, so that my performance will encourage others to be in a good festive mood. You need to do the same.

You are performing when you interact with others…especially when you host an event.

Helpful Tips:

Fun Loving People Are Fun To Be With

Successful parties depend on the attitudes of the host and their

committee members.

If you are grumpy, disorganized, mean-spirited, self-centered,

pushy, rude, or show that you don’t care about your party

guests…your party will be a disaster…no matter how nicely

decorated or great the food might be.

Put on your “the show must go on” face…

Everyone should have

1. A positive attitude

2. Helpful spirit

3. Make up your mind that you are going to have fun

4. Treat everyone like an honored guest

5. Smile…smile…smile


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