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It's always nice to hear from Red Hatters
Who can share their
"Fun Times" with others.
Here are some replies below:

Queenie Ruth from Woodbridge, CA / April 2008
It was so nice to talk to you. Thank you for all your help. Not only do you have an awesome voice but also a super personality. I hope I get to see & hear you in person. Keep me on your mailing list, please.
Thank You,Red Hat Hugs
Queenie Ruth-Fiona / Hot Hens & Cool Chicks

Pauline Lisignoli from New Zealand /April 2008
Hi Kathy,
Just to let you know your CD and song book have arrived safely.
Our group is planning a bus trip and we will be singing along
with your CD.
Thanks again.
Pauline Lisignoli

Hi Kathy --
   My name is Kathleen Parker.  I've recently become an Activity Director in a care center/behavioral unit.  A few of my ladies have expressed interest in a red hat society club inside the unit.  If you could send me some suggestions, I would certainly appreciate it! 
   I do not have much information about the red hat society.  I had not heard of it until recently.  I am trying to learn more each day -- so that the ladies and I can get a club of our own inside the unit.
Thanks so much for all of your help. 
Kathleen Parker

By all means I would like this info for my assisted living ladies.  Thanks so much  

Mary Jane




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